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We welcome our readers to the new homepage of Múlt és Jövő. Múlt és Jövő is more than a journal and a publisher. Before all else, it is a tradition dedicated to the development, popularization, and the safeguarding of Hungarian Jewish culture while also casting our eye on Jerusalem and modern Israel. This is a tradition which began with Jozef Patai’s monthly, Múlt és Jövő, started just one year short of a century ago (1911-1944). It is this dropped baton which we again picked up after a „certain“ interruption (1944-1988). With out new webpage we would like to be true to these values and at the same time to be equal to the demands of the new century.

Our aim is not merely to be the chronicler of developments in Hungarian Jewish culture, but also to follow what is happening in Jewish culture in Israel and worldwide. Our first task is to collect and publish what Hungarian Jews have produced in literature and in the arts, so that the creations of this brief but all the more productive period (1890-1945) survive and so that we may pass on this treasure chest to become part to universal cultural memory. At the same time, we would like our home page – in whose enrichment and publishing activity we endeavour to include all pre- and post-Shoa generations – to satisfy all interested readers, including researchers, seeking the cordiality of a Jewish culture and of an intellectual community.

This new version of our home-page was created by the kind support of the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (Joods Humanitair Fonds – JHF)